Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Potty Training

Talk about an adventure! Here we go again! This is take 2 of potty training for my older son Benjamin. This time around, he SAYS he's ready to be a big boy. He's got his superhero underwear on and he's all ready to go. We've got the frog potty in the living room and the Deigo potty seat in the bathroom. He's already tried once....WITH his underwear on. Hm. Sort of missed the point there.

I guess we, as adults, take for granted all the stuff we just "know" how to do. We are (hopefully!?) potty-trained, we know how to tie our shoes, we know how to feed ourselves (well, most of us....not sure how Josh survived before we got married!??!!), we know how to write a check and pay bills, we know how to drive and generally take care of ourselves. It's such a huge task when you think about how much our children rely on us to learn things. It's also a huge honor!

I can't help but parallel this to learning from our Heavenly Father. Not everyone does, but we need to lean on him and learn from Him. Not quite potty-training or tying our shoes, but it's equivalent to that spiritually speaking. Sure, people can survive without God, but I don't want to just "survive", I want to live life to it's fullest. I know I could get along without listening to God and living the way He would want me too, but why would I want to? I think about children who don't have parents who really take care of them - they always end up having issues. If I ignored my Father in Heaven, I would have a lot more issues than I do now!

I thank God for his endless supply of grace and mercy every day. I pray that I can have even an ounce of that great grace and mercy for Benjamin during potty training. It's been an hour and we are already on our third pair of superhero underpants. Oh Lord, help me!

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